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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Did you know our bodies naturally detoxify? But with toxins everywhere, it can be tough! That's where ionic foot baths come in. They're safe and effective. Through an osmosis process, they can stimulate the cells to help remove cellular waste from the body. Treat yourself to a foot bath for a deep cleanse and toxin release from your lymph, liver, skin, joints, and more! Sessions are 35 minutes and are $30.

*Please note foot detoxes are contraindicated in people with electronic devices and pacemakers, in pregnancy, nursing, and organ transplants. Consult your doctor about any health conditions/concerns. Consult your medical doctor if you are taking medications.

Ionic Foot Detox FAQ

Why Should I Detox?
This detox technology stimulates the body’s cells energy and creates an osmosis process moving cellular waste from the body. Each foot bath will help the body with cellular cleansing and toxin release from the lymph, liver, skin, joints and other body systems and organs.

What are the Benefits?
The ionic foot bath creates an osmosis environment, where toxins move out from the body. The water starts off clear when the feet are first placed in the water. At the end of the session, the water will have colors due to the oxidation, cellular body waste and toxins/impurities in the water. Additional benefits include anti-aging, clearer skin and complexion, joint relief, better sleep, reduced cellulite, and more.

How Should I Prepare for my Session?
It is recommended to drink water before, during and after your treatment. Upon arrival to your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and waiver.
- Please come prepared to not use your phone or device during the session. You cannot be touching any electronics or battery operated items during your session.
- You will place your feet into a one time use liner within a copper bucket of clear salt water. This is safe, has been thoroughly tested and there is no chance of electrocution or harm.
- The staff member has full control over the amperage. The first treatment will be at a lower amp until it is determined the client feels well and healthy enough to handle more.
- During the session, the clear water will eventually become darker and murkier. It is normal to feel a tingling or drawing sensation during the footbath in the beginning until the body becomes cleaner. Each session will produce different results.
- There should be no detoxifying effects from the footbath however you may experience symptoms such as dark or strong smelling urine, increased bowel movements, feeling sleepy or energetic, leg or foot cramps due to lack of minerals in the body, headache during or after footbath, feeling dizzy or nauseous.
- Once the foot bath is completed, we will rinse your feet with clean water and you simply dry and go. Footbaths are ideally done every three days or maximum every other day. Footbaths can be done frequently for an extended period of time (one year or more) depending on your health goals.

Who Should Not Use the Ionic Detox Foot Bath?
- Do Not Use with an electronic device or pacemaker
- Do Not Use if nursing or pregnant
- Do Not Use if person has an organ transplant
- Consult your medical doctor about any health conditions/concerns
- Consult your medical doctor if you are taking medications

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