Alfalfa Leaf| Anise Seed| Star Anise| Ashwagandha Root| Astragalus Root| Baking Powder| Barberry Root| Bay Leaf| Bilberry| Black Cohosh| Bloodroot| Burdock Root| Calendula| Caraway Seed| Cardamom Seed Powder| Cardamom Pods| Cat Nip| Cayenne| Celery Seed| Ceylon Cinnamon| Chamomile| Chaparral| Chickweed| Chicory Root| Chili Pepper Flakes| Chili Powder| Chives| Cider Mate| Cinnamon| Cloves Powder| Cloves| Cacao Nibs| Cocoa Powder| Black Cocoa| Coltsfoot| Comfrey| Coriander| Cumin Seed| Curry| Dandelion| Dill Weed| Dill Seed| Echinacea Purpurea| Elderberry| Elder Flowers| Eucalyptus| Fennel Seed| Fenugreek Seed| Frankincense| Garlic| Ginger Root| Guar Gum| Hawthorn| Hibiscus| Horse Tail| He’s Up| Italian| Juniper Berries| Lavender| Lemon Balm| Lemon Peel| Lemongrass| Licorice Root| Marshmallow Root| Milk Thistle| Mother Wort| Mullein| Mustard Seed| Myrrh Gum| Nettle| Nutmeg| Oatstraw| Orange Peel| Minced Onion| Oregano| Paprika| Parsley| Passion Flower| Pau d’Arco| Black Pepper| White Pepper| Peppermint| Pickling Spice| Herbs De Provence| Psyllium Seed| Pumpkin Pie Spice| Raspberry Leaf| Red Clover| Red Rose Petals| Pink Rose Buds| Rose Hips| Rosemary| Sage| St Johns Wort| Salad Sprinkle| Skullcap| Shepherds Purse| Shiitake Mushrooms| Slippery| Spearmint| Stevia| Taco Seasoning| Thai Seasoning| Time| Turmeric Root| Wormwood| Yellow Dock Root| Valerian

Loose Leaf Teas and Tea Blends
Chai | China Black | Guardian Spirit | Gun Powder Green | China Green | Irish Breakfast | Kumaon | Matcha | Rooibos | Sencha | Yerba Mate

Bulk DIY Ingredients
Arrowroot | Baking Soda | Beeswax Beads | Citric Acid| Betanite Clay | Green Clay | Red Clay | Gelatin Capsules | Vegetarian Capsules | Xanthan Gum

Superfood Powders
Barley Grass | Beet| Carrot | Chlorella| Moringa | Spinach | Spirulina 

Please note that this list of items is not complete and that we usually don't carry an entire product line.  The products we carry change over time, and we will try to keep it as accurate as possible. To find out if we carry a particular product, please call the store at 828-245-6842.